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I have been with my partner, Lee, for several years now. In fact, we are approaching the infamous ‘seven-year itch’. We’ve always been determined to keep things fresh in the ‘bedroom’ and part of that has always included being open about likes, dislikes and fantasies.

About two years we started…

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While some details may be embellished for the storytelling, what follows is a true encounter of days past…

It was one of those times when I meet a man purely for a coffee to see if the chemistry works and to arrange to meet to play at a later date. We had been chatting for a while online and had already exchanged details regarding clean bills of health…

A short story written for and inspired by Dominant Bull @38Jamie

He had been waiting for this moment since she first followed him over two years ago. There had been much banter and flirting online, leading to conversations in private messaging that led to typing dirty, sexy snippets in the…

Self Confidence in Sheers

“Confidence is sexy!”

How often have we heard those words? If we are honest, most of us use clothing as part of our armour to build that confidence and feel sexy.

For me, the ultimate instant confidence boost are stockings, specifically hold ups with wide lace…

I never know when to expect him. I simply have a few short instructions:

  1. When I am home, the key should not be left in the lock to allow him access with his key.
  2. When I am home, the laptop is to be open and signed in to Skype.
  3. If…

Kate Pasithea

I write what I like. I write what turns me on. Constructive critique is welcome. Abuse will get you blocked.

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