Jack knew it wasn’t going to be a normal day on the Valiant when The Master bounced into his cell. “Today is a good day! Isn’t it a good day, Freak? Today, the infamous Martha Jones is back in the bosom of her loving family. Isn’t that just peachy? Doesn’t it make your poor, bleeding, freak heart rejoice?” Those were the last words Jack heard before The Master pulled out his laser screwdriver and blasted him point blank in the head, frying his brain.

When he came to, Jack found himself lying naked and clean on a bed next to the aforementioned Martha Jones. Martha was not wearing much more than he was, a simple scarlet satin robe that was striking against her caramel coloured skin. Even though she had seen Jack return from death many times now, her medical instinct still prevailed and he awoke gasping for air to her concerned face above him as she held his hand, helping him back up through the darkness, the terrible, occupied darkness.

“Martha Jones, face of a nightingale” Jack smiled as he pulled her down into an obligatory kiss. He could sense The Doctor in the room, but there came no chastisement about there being a time and a place and he frowned as he released his hands from their grip on the dark-skinned woman.

Martha was also pensive and reserved, wincing as The Master’s caustic voice cut through his thoughts. “Yes, yes. As touching as it is to see the companion and the freak reunited, we have other things to get to. While you were taking a nap, Captain, I assembled a welcome back party for dear Martha Jones. Look!” He began to drag reluctant attendees forward as he introduced them. “We have mum and dad — so happy to have their Martha back safe and sound — go on then, smile!” He shook Francine Jones as he spoke, a forced smile replacing her look of terror and hate. “Better.” He released her wiping his hand on his suit as he extended his other hand to Martha’s sister, “Ah, the lovely Tish. Decorative, but not overly bright, are you my dear?” Tish smiled nervously, unsure of how to react still to this seemingly mad man.

Then The Master held up a gilded cage in which the ancient, wizened form of the Doctor resided. “What have you got planned, Master?”

The Master laughed manically, “Such fun, my dear Doctor! Such. Fun! You will love it, because it is so human! You see, Doctor, the Freak has a bit of a reputation. They say he is the best lover in all of time and space — and believe me, he has certainly left a large sample for research. I want him to prove just how good he is, and our dear, brave Martha Jones is going to be his challenge.” As gasps of realisation were heard in the room, he shushed them as only a tyrannical, unhinged mad man can. “Captain Casanova, your challenge is to take Martha here — I’m certain she will not object, I have seen how she looks at you — and make her cum so hard that she forgets that her parents, little sister and The Doctor are watching.”

“You can’t possibly be serious!” Jack exclaimed

“I assure you I am, Freak. And as added incentive, if you fail the spectating Jones family die!”

Jack paled and held his hands up to The Master in a holding gesture as he turned to Martha. “Martha? I mean, under normal circumstances I would be very happy to oblige and show you my skills, but …”

As he trailed off, Martha looked at her family. Francine stoic, proud, with tears staining her cheeks. She mouthed “I love you.” to Martha. Clive unable to look his eldest daughter in the eye, but nodded determinedly. Tish staring wide-eyed at her sister, open envy at the prospect of her getting to fuck Jack. Always the player, Jack winked at her.

Martha caught the look and the wink and rolled her eyes. Decision made — as if there was ever any other option, she nodded at Jack. “Let’s do this.”

He placed his hand on her cheek and spoke softly, just below the hearing of the audience. “Are you sure? Martha I will not do this with you, to you, if it is under duress. I will figure out how to protect your family.”

She shook her head, “Well, the circumstances may not be ideal, but I do want you, Jack. Besides, he would only find ways to make your life and death hell, and he would get to them in the end anyway.” To dispel any further objections, she untied the satin robe and allowed it to slip off her shoulders. Speaking a little louder and bolder now she reached for his chiselled jaw. “Come on then, Captain. Show me these legendary skills of yours.”

With the type of cheesy grin only Captain Jack Harkness could possibly pull off, Jack moved in front of Martha, effectively shielding her nudity from her family and the two time lords. “The pleasure will be all yours, Martha Jones.” As he pulled her into a deep sensual kiss, Martha found herself quickly intoxicated by him. Of course, she never stood a chance against his advanced 51st century pheromones, and despite the nagging knowledge of her audience at the edge of her consciousness, Martha felt arousal blossoming within her.

Her nipples were already erect, called to arms by the temperature and exposure to the room as well as the excitement of what was about to happen. But now they were aching with a need to be touched and as he devoured her mouth, Jack took her left breast in his hand and began to knead the soft flesh, her taut nipple brushing against his palm. Martha was unable to hold back the sigh as liquid arousal trickled inside her. It had been a while since she had known hands besides her own — the rigours of med school and then the madness of travelling with The Doctor had made anything more than a perfunctory release of tension impossible.

The sound of her own voice shook her from passivity and her hand reached for Jack. Trailing over his bare chest and slowly down, faltering slightly at his hip. “You don’t have to, Martha.” The sultry American accent betraying that he was affected by her exploration. His reassurance was enough to embolden her and Martha wrapped her hand around his erection, making Jack gasp. His voice noticeably higher as he responds, “Of course, I won’t object if you want to.”

Martha planted a kiss on his lips, silencing him again. Her hand moving slowly on his cock causing him to refocus on the task at hand. Always conscious of shielding her from the watching eyes as much as possible, Jack laid her down on the bed. His lips on her neck soon made her forget anything except the man in her arms.

Jack was an attentive lover, noting what had the greatest effect on her and randomly returning to repeat actions that made her sigh and moan. He discovered that she found two fingers crooked inside her very pleasurable and repeated this often. Sometimes just the fingers, other times accompanied by his mouth or his thumb on her clit.

Although she enjoyed several orgasms at his hand, periodically The Master would chime in, saying that Martha hadn’t yet fully let go and he was failing at his mission. Jack pretended to ignore him, he knew that he was building Martha to a place where she would fall freely, and he knew that that place took patience.

“Jack, please.” Martha interjected after a while, her hand again wrapped around his cock and firmly stroking. “I want you inside me.”

Jack smiled as he settled between her thighs. While this was not what was going to get her to the epic orgasm he knew she was capable of, he knew she needed the intimate moment as much as he did. He stroked her cheeks as he slipped inside her body. There was no denying that her tight wet heat was ecstasy to him. After a year of The Master finding ever more inventive and torturous ways of killing him, he allowed himself this indulgence at the hand of a dear friend. He moved slowly within her at first, allowing her to become familiar with the feel of him, before he lifted her hips to take her deep. Hard, slow thrusts that went deep and made her gasp. Jack never tired of the giving of sexual pleasure to his lovers and seeing how she responded to him was a thing of beauty in his eyes, despite the circumstances that had led him here.

As she moaned that she wanted more, he was unable to refuse her, fucking her harder and deeper until finally she cried out as her cunt spasmed delightfully around his cock. Jack pulled out, this was the time, the moment he had waited for. His fingers replaced his cock inside her and even as she was lost in the throes of orgasm, he finger fucked her hard. Her reaction was to grab the sheets, swearing loudly with profanities that would surely make The Doctor chastise her in any other situation. Holding her hips firmly, he continued his assault. Now and then he would suck hard on her clit, pushing her from one gut-wrenching orgasm to another. Close, so very close, he could feel it within her ready to snap.

As he curled his fingers slightly more inside her, Martha froze, curling in and around Jack, clinging to him as her cries became breathless moans and a flood of liquid rushed from the depths of her trembling vagina.

Jack held Martha close, staring daggers at The Master. The Master nodded, finally satisfied that the job had been done. One word, spoken in a tone that not even The Master dared to disobey in this moment. “Go!” Silently, The Master ushered everyone out. A single guard stood outside the locked door as Jack held the woman in his arms tightly. Her tears of reaction to what had happened with her body and the wider situation required no audience, save the man who had helped her through.

It was later that same day that Martha knelt before The Master seemingly about to meet her end, yet unable to control her mirth at how thoroughly he had been duped into underestimating not only her, but also humanity and The Doctor.

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